Cape Canaveral to Daytona Beach

Lighthouse at Ponce Inlet.

We had another day with very little wind and made it to Daytona Beach. As we were leaving Cape Canaveral, we passed by the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. We saw large flocks of dark colored birds. I could not make out what they were, but it was nice to begin to see more wildlife on the east side of Florida. There is a short (perhaps 1/4 mile) canal that connects the Indian River to Mosquito Lagoon. In that stretch we saw many people fishing, several dolphins, and three manatees.

As we worked our way toward New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach we saw an increasing number of birds and dolphins. The biggest surprise was the largest number of birds were in the three cities just mentioned. We had seen a few small groups of shorebirds earlier in the day, but there was a large concentration of shorebirds near a bridge in Port Orange. I would not have expected the majority of wildlife to be located within these congested areas.

Shorebirds in Port Orange. It is difficult to take a decent picture from a moving boat.

We stayed at the Halifax Harbor Marina at Daytona Beach. It was my favorite marina on the trip. It was less than half the price of the marina in Stuart and it is superior. Perhaps the best part was the restaurant at the marina with a serious chef. The food was amazing. I would be there every night if I lived here. The staff at the marina were top notch and our neighbors on the pier were welcoming and helpful.

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  1. Hurray!!! You’re almost there. What a great adventure you have had. Congratulations on completing your voyage.

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