Camachee Cove

Grand prize winner of St Augustine Boat Parade.

We had to move from the St. Augustine Municipal Marina at 11:00 to the Camachee Cove Marina no sooner than 12:00. It is within 3 miles. We had to get through the Lions Bridge drawbridge and arrived there within 10 minutes of the scheduled opening. There were three southbound boats ahead of us when the bridge opened. A large blue boat pushed ahead of us to the drawbridge, stopped, then held back. When the drawbridge opened, the three southbound boats went through and Regis squeezed past the blue boat and went through with the blue boat following close behind. We never heard it contact the bridge. As it went through, we heard the bridge operator admonish it and told it that it could possibly drop the bridge on top of the pretty boat for not letting the operator know it was going through. After getting through the bridge, the pretty blue boat passed us at high speed through a no wake zone. Really?

We tootled around the waterway looking for wildlife until we could enter the Camachee Cove marina. We arrived in our slip next to a boat with palm trees on the bow. It looked like one of Regis’ favorite boats in the St. Augustine Boat Parade the night before. It turns out to have been in the parade and won grand prize. The owners were aboard and let us take a picture of them with their trophies. I am embarrassed that in my excitement to meet them, I forgot to get their names.

Winners of the St. Augustine 2022 Boat Parade holding their trophies.

We went to dinner with some friends and when we came back, the winning boat was lighted up. We took a couple pictures and by the time we got settled in our boat, their lights went out.

Tomorrow, Regis and I will grab a rental car, run some errands, do the wash and then Regis will take me to the Orlando airport. It is 4 hours round trip, so I want to get out early enough that he gets back before dark. With everything we want to accomplish tomorrow, it will be tough to squeeze it all in, but we will.

I return to the krakens and Regis will move forward with his to do list of boat fixes. A wonderful friend is working on getting wood prepared for the new boat name. Regis will use the rental car to pick up supplies and boat parts and begin working on the many upgrades and fixes he has planned. Without a long-term slip, he will have to make do and move around or anchor as necessary. He plans to keep posting.

It has been amazing to meet up with several of my friends on this trip and I am touched that everyone was as happy to see me as I was to see them. I leave in great spirits having spent time with my friends and having survived this boat trip. I will miss Regis until I work out how to sync up as best we can considering I will not live on a boat. I am certain we will figure it out.

One Comment on “Camachee Cove

  1. So glad we got to met up with you and Regis and to see your wonderful boat. Safe travels back to Florida. Miss you already.


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