St Augustine Boat Parade

Night heron on the back of a boat in the St. Augustine Marina.

Since we were able to stay in the St. Augustine Municipal Marina for one more night, we got a view of the St. Augustine Boat Parade. The Bridge of Lions was between us and the parade, but we had good seats. A friend joined us and brought hot cider. I am glad we got to see it. We usually avoid large crowds and miss stuff like this. I asked Regis if we could reserve the boat for a viewing again next year, perhaps unobstructed by the bridge.

We mentioned in prior posts that we can hear sounds around the hull that remind of us Rice Krispies after milk is poured on them. We heard them in Sarasota and we started to hear them again as we came up the Atlantic coast. We are hearing them in St. Augustine. They are likely the sounds made by little shrimp as they snap their claw shut. Regis got a recording of the sounds. Be sure to turn the volume up.

We move to another marina where Regis has a spot until Friday. He plans to stock up and pick up parts for doing more boat work. It is chilly out and Regis is not comfortable. He may move back down south if it does not warm up.

I will get a ride to the airport tomorrow and see the krakens on Tuesday.

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