Gift of the days…

Shortly after we starting RVing we came to understand things don’t always go to plan. Many times we would set off for the days adventure only to get shot down by one thing or another. During those times, more often than not, we would stumble upon something just as nice or better than that we were looking for. We started calling it “the gift of the day”. We have highlighted these in some of our posts.

After completing the 19 day adventure of moving the boat from Pensacola, fl to St. Augustine fl. I would like to highlight my gift from those days.

My wife Linda.

Linda has been determined to try and help me, in some way, to get the boat into the a position so I can enjoy it and not just work on it. What it came down to was helping me move the boat. She knew it would be a commitment to spending at least 2 weeks on the boat. Possibly crossing the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and with that a long overnight passage.

She was willing to do a lot of things I don’t think she would ever chose to do. She did it and I am proud of her.

She has been my “gift of the days” for this trip and indeed for the many years we have been together.

5 Comments on “Gift of the days…

  1. How uplifting to hear a spouse have such appreciation of his wife and to say so to the world. Makes me think you, too, are a prize Regis.

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