Back With the Krakens

Snow in Bremerton.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my reunion with the krakens. Jason and Dan were amazing in taking care of them. The krakens spent one month as Seattleites and have come back a little calmer. I have been walking them regularly with a collar, no harness.

Yesterday, I got my first snow in almost a decade. Way cool, but a little scary too. There is ice under the snow. If it was only snow, that would be fine. It is beautiful.

Last night, Clover was whimpering to go out through the doggy door but would not go. I thought she might not like the snow but did not understand since there are several pictures of her with snow in Seattle. I opened the slider for her and she would not go. I did not know what was wrong. I went to sleep and woke up with Clover outside but not willing to come back in. I did not know what was wrong but eventually realized that the broom that I keep on the back deck was lying down in front of the doggy door. It occurred to me it must have fallen down when she was going through the door and she was not in a good place. I removed the broom and all was well.

Clover seems to be going through a scary time. She is exhibiting fear in situations that she handled well before. I think it comes along with being a teenager, but I hope she overcomes her concerns.

Raven, who was a well behaved guy at the door to the garage, has regressed. Both dogs know they cannot come through the door without permission. I was loading things in the car and was going back and forth in the house leaving the door open. I told the dogs to stay when going to the car. While at the car, I turned to see my beautiful Raven standing next to the car. Fortunately, he did not come out to run away. But, he did not stay like he was told. Clover was standing in the doorway doing as told.

Nevertheless, the pups are amazing and behaving well and own my heart. They are beautiful.

Tomorrow, the dogs are getting neutered and spayed. Ouch. I love our vet and know they are in good hands, but I feel for them anyway. Life will be easier with them fixed. I am happy to get this done.

Raven loves to chew. He is a handsome guy.
Clover, a precious little girl.

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