Krakens and a Winter Mess

Clover recovering from spay surgery.
Raven recovering from neuter surgery.

It has been an interesting week. The krakens were scheduled to be spayed and neutered on Tuesday. In anticipation of the bad weather, I parked at the top of our hilly driveway the night before. On Tuesday, the sky began to drop a wet, slushy mix of snow and sleet. I got up our hilly driveway with the dogs, drove through our hilly neighborhood, and got to the vet to drop the pups off.

I got back home and parked at the top of the driveway and got a message from a place I called to try to sell some guns. Regis collected guns many years ago and I do not want to deal with them in a move back to Florida, so he agreed I could sell them. The guy told me the roads were fine. On his advice, I took off with my small arsenal after hauling them up them up the driveway in increasingly bad weather.

The roads were not fine. I only had to drive about 9 miles and it was terrible. I did not want to wreck with my cargo. That’s me. I worry tremendously about stuff like this. Once I pulled successfully in the parking lot, I breathed a sigh of relief. I could unload the guns but now had to make sure I could get the krakens after their surgery. At this point, I had not seen a single plow.

I sold the guns and Regis was pleased with what he got. Many of the guns were relics, if that’s the appropriate word. More interesting than useful. The guys in the gun shop loved them even though they thought only one of the guns was “good” which was the Beretta. One of the guns was my Mossberg shotgun I used to shoot trap and skeet which I loved. I shot regularly when we lived near a public trap and skeet range. After we moved, we never got near enough to a range to make it worthwhile.

While at the gun shop, I got a message I could pick up the krakens, so I headed that way. Still no plows. Lots of bad weather.

I got the dogs with their Elizabethan collars and they walked like they were drunk. I had a hard time getting them to the car in the slush and their inability to walk straight. Poor pups. I got them loaded in the car and realized that I could not make them walk down our driveway. I do not think they could. I risked driving down it hoping I would not wind up sliding into the house or sliding off the side of the driveway over the retaining wall and into the trees. That did not happen and I removed the dog’s collars when we got home because they were clearly too out of it for it to matter. They slept until the wee hours of the morning. Once they got rambunctious, I put their collars back on. It did not take long for Clover to remove her collar. I tried again with both dogs and let them out to relieve themselves. I looked out and both dogs had no collars. It was snowy and dark, so I planned to wait until light to find the collars.

The next day, I tried a different way to attach the collar to Clover. I thought it was successful and searched for a solution for Raven. As I pulled out the ties for Raven’s collar, I saw that Clover was free of hers. Geez oh whiz. I think their little dolphin heads may be too skinny to make this work.

I decided to spend my life sleeping with my dogs and bribing them through chew things, etc. to not lick themselves or play too much with each other. I was warned that Clover was the one most liable to have issues (because she is female) if the dogs got too rambunctious with each other.

The vet gave me medication to keep them calm and all was good for a few days. One evening, not long after giving out medication, Clover looked terrible. I was very worried that something was significantly wrong with her. I panicked and called the vet. The vet told me she was likely hallucinating and I should cut back on the medication. Within a couple hours she was fine.

The next day I cut back on the medication and the two dogs were difficult to manage. I spent a lot of time outside trying to clear the snow and took one dog out at a time with me so they were separated. Nevertheless, once I got back inside they were back at it. I kept giving them cool chews they like, but impacts their digestive system. Pick your poison. Bad stools or broken stitches.

While living in Florida six of the last seven years, I missed the snow. I do not miss the snow now. I have yet to see a plow. I saw someone clearing the driveway across from us and spoke to him. He said it rarely snows like this here so there is not much equipment to remove it. I grew up in Maryland and this weather is normal but there are plows, etc. to keep the major roads clear. Not here.

Eventually, a warm, wet atmospheric river of rain descended upon us and melted all the snow. It has been raining for days and I would love to see some sun. The days are short enough without all this. Perhaps that is why I spent some time looking online for a house in Florida. I promised my favorite agent in Florida, Maureen Nightingale, that I would wait until after the first of the year. I found a house a couple days before Christmas and Regis and Maureen scrambled to go see it. Regis is in a slip in St. Augustine at the moment. I got the all clear from several friends it was a good place to be and Regis saw “no reason not to buy the house.” That is a stunning endorsement from him. Long story short, made an offer that was accepted and we will have a house in Florida by the end of January.

There are complications at this end which means I am not sure when I will get to Florida, but Regis will have a place to stay with no furniture if he likes. I’m not looking forward to traveling 3,000 miles in the winter with me and two collies by myself. I plan to unload the motorhome and one car at this end, so hotels it is and will be my best travel friend.

Back to the krakens: Everything has been healing well and the only problem is that Clover got razor burn where they shaved her leg to put the IV. It has been driving her nuts. I have been putting gauze on it to keep her from licking but she, of course, keeps removing it. Jason, my son, showed me a trick to tie the ends in a knot and it has been successful. I continue to sleep with them upstairs with me on the couch. They can stick their wet noses into my neck easily. Last night, Clover would not stop doing that. She also kept digging incessantly at her bed. I got so tired, I went downstairs, opened the doggy door, and went to bed where she could not reach me. She kept digging at her dog bed. I thought she had a screw loose. It took too long to dawn on me, her leg itched. I got some anti-itch medication and put it on her leg and re-wrapped it and she was fine until morning. Poor girl.

Yet, not poor girl. Occasionally, Clover decides that Raven is not allowed to eat. He accepts his fate and will not eat if she won’t let him near the bowl. She did it today and I had to separate them and caught her nastiness on camera. What’s up with that? He would do anything to protect her and she won’t let him eat?

As I was returning to the house today after wiring money for the new house, I saw the most beautiful stag I have ever seen a house away from mine. He not only had a beautiful rack but there were lovely white markings on his face. I desperately want to see him again.

For my Florida friends, the house we are purchasing is in St. Augustine Shores.

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