Abnoxious Dogs

My first dog as an adult was a wonderful Bedlington Terrier named Tess. She was actually our sons dog. We trained her well and showed her in AKC shows and she acquired her championship title. At that point, we bred her and kept one of the puppies and named him Dusty. At first, Tess appeared to want him to leave with the other puppies when they found new homes, but eventually accepted that he was not going anywhere and began training him at the same time we were. Both dogs were wonderful and we took them camping, hiking, and traveling and they always remained well-behaved companions.


First Tess, then Dusty died and for a few months I thought I could not have another dog because I grieved so much. I eventually recovered enough to get my first collie, Copper. He was about three months old and I spent a lot of time training him. When he was about nine months old, I acquired a female collie, Tekoe. Copper spent as much time training her as we did. Regis and I took the two dogs to training sessions regularly and they were wonderful companions and we could take them anywhere. They easily achieved their Canine Good Citizen Awards.

Copper and Tekoe.

When Copper was around 7, I acquired Dart, my blue-merle sheltie. Copper and Tekoe trained him on good dog manners at home and I used clicker training to run agility with Dart. Dart earned his NADAC Novice Agility award and we had a great time. We traveled the country with him and he was a well-behaved, wonderful companion. Copper and later Tekoe died leaving me with Dart as my only dog for many years.

Dart, Copper and Tekoe. When my sister first saw this picture she asked how I got them to do this. I told her I told them to “sit”.

When Dart was twelve, I acquired two collie puppies, Clover and Raven the krakens. At this point, Dart was barely able to walk, so he was not able to train the collies with me. I have been struggling to train them and was nearly in tears over doing so shortly before leaving them with Dan and Jason when I left for a month to help Regis move the boat. Dan and Jason took the krakens on as a project and worked with them extensively. I could see the difference when I picked them up when I came back to Washington. I felt there was hope.


That hope was dashed to pieces yesterday. My local realtor, Heidi, came to visit to discuss selling our house in Bremerton. The dogs fell in love with her. We do not get many guests and they would not leave her alone. They were pretty good about not jumping until Clover decided jumping was okay as long as it was over the top of Raven.

While Heidi and I talked, I left the dogs out front so we could have some peace. They began to crash into and scratch the front door. They have never done this before. I was sure they were going to destroy it. I brought them inside and put them in their crates. They started howling and yowling and crashing against the sides. It was difficult for Heidi and I to talk above the noise. They have never done this before. I then put them out back and closed off the doggy door. I came upstairs to continue my conversation with Heidi and it felt like an earthquake. The dogs were throwing themselves against the doggy door to get in. The entire house was shaking. Heidi and I had discussed whether to keep the doggy door in place once the house was listed. I calmy suggested it might be a moot point since the dogs were about to break it down. I let them back in but they were never calm while Heidi was here.

Oh my goodness. This is not okay. I have both dogs signed up for more official training starting next week. When I get to Florida, I may bribe my friends to come over and be victims while I use their presence to try to train these unruly krakens. Their behavior is totally unacceptable and I will not become a hermit because they cannot behave themselves. My next call may be to Cesar Millan.

5 Comments on “Abnoxious Dogs

  1. The collies apparently feed off each other’s excitement until it gets to a frenzy. Maybe they don’t want to move to Florida!


    • I think they will hate the heat but we’ll be able to do a lot of walking in the new community. In the summer we will have to walk early in the day. We will also be doing dog agility and I am sure they will love it.


    • I think you are on to something about them feeding off of each other and will keep that in mind. I think being restrained for the last week and a half because of the surgery was also an issue. I will consider this feeding off of each other moving forward.


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