The Less Than Perfect Day

Raven and Clover

Lots of people have stories to tell about their less than perfect travels. Today is mine. I woke up early to take the motorhome and tow vehicle to Everett, Washington where we are consigning the motorhome and wanted to sell the tow vehicle at the nearby CarMax. I researched travel options and thought I could drive everything over and had two plans to get back once I was without a car. One: I could get an Uber to the nearest light rail. Take it to a nearby station for the Seattle ferry. Walk to the ferry. Take the ferry to Bremerton and get an Uber home once I arrived. Two: I could Uber to the Edmonds ferry to Kingston. Take the ferry to Kingston. Uber or take some buses back to near my house.

I made a strategic error. I chose to go to Kingston and catch an Uber with a Kitsap Transit backup. Unbeknownst to me, there were no Uber or Lyft options out of Kingston and the Kitsap Transit had “suspended” their buses to the area for that day. Uber was kind enough to tell me they could not accommodate. Lyft, argh, said they could send someone in 40 minutes, then 10 more minutes, then 10 more minutes, then they couldn’t. I gave up on Lyft after forty minutes and tried to get the bus information from the mobile app. My phone would not successfully download the PDF of the bus routes, so I could not determine when a bus would come. It was getting chilly in the rain, but I did not want to exit the bus stop in hopes of getting a ride closer to home. I was sure that my research told me the buses came regularly, but there was not a bus, Uber, or Lyft and I had two ten month old dogs at home that needed to get outside to relieve themselves.

A bus finally showed up and I chased it down and talked to the bus driver. He was not the bus for me. Nevertheless, he felt pity for me and took me to Poulsbo to transfer to a bus that would get me close to home. He regularly ran from the Casino to Kingston but was able to deposit me in Poulsbo. By then, Regis was able to text that the bus in Kingston and my bus to Bremerton were “suspended”. Fortunately, I found one Uber driver to pick me up in Poulsbo and take me home. I was so chilled, after letting the dogs out, I sat in a hot tub to warm up.

I hated myself for not realizing I would have been better off taking the light rail to the Seattle and then catch a ferry to Bremerton where I could likely get an Uber. If not, it’s only 4.5 miles to my house and I could walk it. I spent enough time sitting in the mist and cold in Kingston to have walked 4.5 miles.

I was later told that the thing to do was contact the Clearwater Casino to pick me up. They would do that. Once at the Casino, I could get a ride anywhere home.

Today, I had to leave the house while pictures were taken for listing. I took the dogs to Kingston in hopes of going to a restaurant that was dog friendly. I saw the sign while waiting in the rain the other day. I was able to take the dogs for a walk, but the restaurant was closed today. Bummer. I went back to Bremerton to a Mexican food place I had been considering for the past year. I picked up some tacos at the drive through and they were amazing, especially at $4.91. The dogs were very interested and I was able to provide them my scraps. This location is about 1.5 miles from my house and I will now be visiting regularly.

I had mentioned in prior posts how Clover manages to undo any bandages I apply to her leg. I thought I had her beat when I got bandages with a bitter taste. It did not have any effect on her. We may have moved past her issues with her leg where the IV was inserted, but Raven recently took to licking his leg incessantly. I took the remaining bitter tasting bandage and put it on his leg. Clover said “I got this” and proceeded to remove it.

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