Boat update…

Its been several weeks since a boat post so here we go.

White pelicans south of pine island. We use to see these guys from our house on Rio del Notre.

I have been both busy and at times bored out of my mind. I continue to do boat work which consists of many small jobs. One of the things I did during the big projects was to do it “good enough” just to get it done. I have been going back to to these installs and making everything nice and neat. Not a big task but each is a bit time consuming. I have also been ticking off a bunch of small jobs, trimming doors to close smoothly, tightening door knobs, organizing the hanging lockers yet again, organizing the front berth(tool storage). All the while moving the boat from place to place.

I do not have a permanent home for the boat so I have been moving around. I split my time between two anchorages and marinas. One anchorage is Pine island about 10 miles north of ST. Augustine and the other is Fort Matanzas about 15 miles south of ST. Augustine. My current plan, now that I don’t need frequent access to land, is to spend 4-5 days out on anchor and then go to a marina for 1-2 days. At the marina I can get fresh water, go get groceries, do laundry and stop at my mailbox if needed.

Weather moving in at Fort Matanazs
Fort Matanazs

Why don’t I have a permanent boat home? Glad you asked. It seems, depending on who you talk to, that the number of boat slips in the area has been decreasing over the years coupled with the increase of people into the area. Add to that storm damaged docks which can take months to go thru insurance and there is just not enough docks for all the boats. I do have my name on the wait lists of my top three marinas, however one list is 150 boats long! I am now going down the list of second choices to get added. I may also need to looks farther from St. Augustine, not a great option.

Sun rise over the GTM at Pine Island

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