Worst Dog

I hate to label a post worst dog, but I do not know how to make it sound better. Clover is a nut case. She’s a good nut case, but a nut case nevertheless. I recently sent Clover to Seattle for a couple nights stay with Jason and Dan while I kept Raven with me. Both dogs were quiet and lovely. Without each other, they are well-behaved dogs.

After getting Clover back, life became chaotic as usual. I do not walk the dogs together often because they are “bad” when they are together. I try it occasionally only to be reminded it’s not time yet.

I’ve been training Raven in pre-agility and Clover in nosework, but when I get home, I do both with each of them. Raven is not nimble on his feet, yet, so agility is a little tough for him. He loves nosework. Clover is nimble on her feet and loves a challenge, so working on agility at home is fine with her. I do not have an ideal training situation at home, but we are doing the best we can and the dogs love any training I will do with them. I particularly love watching them do nosework. I hide a scent and they have to find it and they are enthusiastic in doing so.

Clover continues to keep Raven from his food. Today, I brought the food bowl in by the computer so Raven could eat and kept Clover away. Here is the clip of Clover whining because Raven has access to food. I do not know why he adores her.

Our house in Bremerton is listed and when there is a showing I have to make the house clean and then leave with the dogs. Recently, I felt sorry for them not having enough activity and took them to a local dog park during a showing. I have had issues with dog parks and Clover has been attacked twice, so I did not do this lightly. Interestingly when we arrived, there was another collie and it turned out to be Raven’s and Clover’s sibling. Way cool except the dog had food issues. When the owner offered a treat to Clover, Ellie attacked her viscously and Clover fought back. We had to drag them apart. Yegads! If your dog has food issues why are you offering treats to other dogs in a dog park? This is the third time Clover has been attacked in a dog park which means its over, no more dog parks.

I recently saw Raven and Clover having a great time over something they were sharing in their mouth which turned out to be a cleaning rag. I set out to find something that would appeal to them without ruining my stuff. I found these little animal toys that are long with no stuffing and it worked perfectly.

I get a kick out of Clover. She is a crazy little girl until she crashes and then she sleeps with her feet up in the air. Regis asked if she was drinking too much wine.

One of our blog followers suggested the dogs feed off each other and I think she is spot on. Together, they can be obnoxious. Separately, not so bad. I think she is absolutely right. Now, I have to figure out how to deal with the pups together in spite of that.

We are settling on a house in Florida on January 31 in St. Augustine Shores. Regis has been bopping around in the boat between transient stays at slips and anchoring locally. He may have a permanent slip around April. He managed to get a 30 day stay at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina around the time of our settlement. His job is to handle the St. Augustine end and get the flooring replaced before we arrive.

In addition, we have our usual crazy stories about our life. When looking for a vehicle to tow behind our small RV, Regis landed on a Ford Maverick hybrid but it was not obtainable. We wound up with a Kia Soul that lived its useful life being towed behind the RV. But, with me moving back to Florida with Regis, it either had to be shipped or sold and I sold it. Regis looked at a Ford Maverick in Florida, not a hybrid, but was happy with it. I looked to see if I could find a Maverick nearby to make sure the dogs could fit in the back. No way was that possible in a regular Ford dealer. Mavericks cannot be had. I found a used one at CarMax in my favorite color in Puyallup. I had to leave the house for a showing, so I dragged the dogs down there with me to check it out. The CarMax folks expected me to want a test drive and I said I only needed to check the back to make sure the dogs would fit. I think they were ready to send the truck home with me. I poked my head in the back, said “it will do” and now can you send it to Florida. I do not think my customer rep knew what to say. They released my hold on the car and Regis got the Jacksonville CarMax to grab it and it is on its way to Florida. It’s beautiful. If I am successful in showing my obnoxious dogs in future dog trials, it will be perfect.

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  1. I like to read your posts right before bed. They exhaust me…buying and selling boats and cars and houses; training two young collies…that represents a lifetime of events for me. I fall into bed and go out like a light!

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