Coyotes Maybe?

The krakens got riled up about some animal sounds in the woods behind our house. They can be heard in the video below. Are these coyotes? If not, what are they?

4 Comments on “Coyotes Maybe?

  1. YES, coyotes. I have them here. I had an old pony that had trouble getting up and was due to be euthanized. The barn was just an open shed, I couldn’t protect him with shelter. So, until the vet could come I slept in the field next to him in my sleeping bag to protect him from a possible coyote attack.They weren’t always around. They would come through in a pack now and then. They yelp like that. I imagine it’s a communication thing…like geese.

    PS I didn’t really sleep. My eyes and ears were open all night! 😰


    • You are very kind and brave taking care of your pony like that. I’m sure I would not have gotten much sleep. Also, my heart would be breaking for the poor pony. The krakens would have loved that job.


  2. Linda,

    We have Coyote’s here on top of our ridge and that is what they sound like. It is mating season here and they become very vocal.

    Steve Colgate


    • I have heard them camping many times but not anything like what I heard last night, so I was not sure. They continued several times last night directly behind our fence and there was not getting any sleep with my dogs reacting to it.


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