Bremerton to Leavenworth

Mt. Rainier as viewed from the Bremerton to Seattle ferry.

The movers took all our belongings on Wednesday and I headed to Seattle on the ferry. I got a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier. Mt. Rainier does not always reveal itself. It was cold standing outside on the ferry, so I took this picture from my car.

I went to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show the day after I arrived in Seattle. It is always wonderful to see beautiful flowers.

Display at the Northwest Flower and Garden show.

On Friday, I headed to Leavenworth, Washington. They have beautiful light displays in the winter and it was on my bucket list. We went through Stevens Pass with no issues, so we have overcome our first major obstacle which was to get over the Cascades. We arrived in Leavenworth and I walked the dogs and it was a wet, snowy, muddy mess. They were excited with all the things going on around them, so a bit hard to handle. At one point, they saw a horse and carriage and Raven in particular lost it. He was more petrified than I have ever seen him. I think that got Clover spooked. If they could have wriggled out of their harnesses, they would be in Canada by now.

Leavenworth, Washington.

I was seeking a place I could get some food with them in tow and I did not find a good opportunity until I arrived back near the hotel. I missed the pizza joint next door that had a drive-up window. I called them and said I wanted to place an order and pick it up outside where I was waiting. They were very kind and told me it would take almost a half hour, so I took the dogs back to the hotel room to wait. They were filthy. I tried to wipe down their paws, but barely made a scratch. I took them with me to pick up the food because I was not sure whether they would whine if I left without them. This is their first hotel stay and it is very noisy.

Leavenworth, Washington

This is a new experience for them. They may be hard to handle, but they are nevertheless doing well in a new environment. It was a learning experience for me. I have trouble getting food with them when the weather does not support outdoor eating. The landscape is wet and muddy, so they are a mess. With all the snow, there is no “normal” place for them to relieve themselves. Tonight, I was ready to drive straight to Florida if I could. We got through it and plan to make good progress tomorrow. Our next stop is Baker City, Oregon and I found a dog park near the hotel where I made a reservation. If the snow is not too deep to allow them to romp freely, we should be in a better place tomorrow night.

I tried hard to get pictures with them in the environment a couple times today, but I cannot handle the two of them and a camera too. They are not well behaved like Dart, so I can’t sit them for a picture and step back and take it. They are too excited in their new surroundings to hold their stay.

Signs at the rest stop along Route 2 in Washington. It is hard to find a place for the dogs to relieve themselves when the snow is this high.

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