Brigham City to Fruita

Raven and Clover crashed at the end of the day.

After we went to bed last night, Clover was up at every sound. This is our first hotel with inside access and she seemed to be more bothered about noises. I shushed her every time and she listened, but twenty minutes later, a new noise, a new shush. After a couple hours she settled down and I fell asleep until a wet nose woke me up. It was around midnight, so I took the dogs out. They were more interested in the smells that showed up since their last walk in the grassy area than they were in doing anything else. Apparently, getting out was not a crisis. They eventually peed and I brought them back in. I needed some sleep for the long ride the next day. An hour later, Clover and her wet nose woke me again. I told her to go lay down and rolled over. I was not getting up. After a few minutes, she gave up and went to sleep. The next time I awoke it was to a weather alert on my phone.

Major change in plans. The route I was going to take to Cheyenne was expecting up to 10 inches of snow. The recommendation was not to travel and if you did bring blankets, water, etc. While Regis researched whether I could beat it if I left early, I took the dogs to the nearest dog park in the dark. Yuk. I kept the headlights on so we could see and I had a flashlight to pick up after them. Surprisingly, I was successful with that and did not come back with dog dirt on my boots. I will not do that in the dark again.

After I got back, Regis told me not to go the planned route. I was not going to beat the weather. I could stay until it cleared or head south, so I made plans for a southern route after Regis determined the weather looked good in the direction. I had a non-refundable reservation in Cheyenne that I booked through I called BringFido to make my next reservation. If you make a pet-friendly room reservation the same day, it is best to make sure they have a pet friendly room available. After booking the new room, I told the customer service rep about the cancellation. She called the hotel in Cheyenne and they will not charge me because of the cancellation being weather related. I love BringFido.

After leaving Brigham City, we were in traffic congestion for a long time around Ogden, Provo, etc. and there was no place to take the dogs. I stopped at a Love’s in hopes they had a dog park, but they did not. I took care of my needs and then headed onto Route 6 toward Fruita. It took us off the interstate. When I saw a little kiosk on the side of the road that looked like a trail sign or information sign, I pulled over. There was a large field accessible through a missing section in the fence. Most, but not all of the field was fenced. I took my chances and let the dogs go. They had a great time and kept checking in with me. I called them back a few times and they came willingly. When done, they waited for me to hook up their leashes. I think they are maturing. What a joy!

Somewhere along Rte 6 there was a rest stop. It was an unexpected relief. I do not expect rest stops on roads like this. I needed it after all the juice I drank. As I was pulling out, I saw they had a dog park. I parked again and took the dogs. The dog park was covered in about 6 plus inches of hard snow/ice, so no mud.

The dogs did not get a break again until we reached Interstate 70 and went to the Love’s. The dog park was dry and the dogs had a blast. I picked up some lunch and everyone was happy for the final stretch to Fruita. Along the way, I kept seeing signs that Vail Pass requires chains, four-wheel drive, or traction tires. If I continue on route 70, that is what I’m in for. Meanwhile, I went to the Love’s at Grand Junction to let the dogs run while waiting until check-in time at the hotel. When the dogs just stood there, I knew they were ready for check in.

As I am typing this, they are crashed. I think it has been good for them and me to have several opportunities for them to run full speed. During the ride, Raven does not get much sleep. He sleeps on top of the suitcases and is clearly uncomfortable or he sits in the back staring out the window. I think he will not sleep in the small space with Clover. There is not usually stuff taking up part of the space in the back and plenty of room for both dogs. Their space is smaller as a result of the suitcases and there appears to be an issue. When we had our collie Tekoe and our sheltie Dart and our Ram pick-up, Regis took out the backseat and built a platform for the dogs. We put their dog beds in the back and each dog had its space. One day, while on our camping travels, we did not put the beds in the back. Tekoe, a female, took up all the space and Dart was sitting hunched in the corner. He would not challenge her and put up with it. Raven will not challenge Clover.

Note: This morning I fed the dogs before taking a shower. Before I got in the shower, I could hear the whining that was a result of Clover not letting Raven eat. I put him in the bathroom with me and shut the door so each dog could eat separately and I could get my shower in peace.

I am in the process of deciding whether to go further south (my first choice) or head east on I-70. Either way takes me through mountains. Heading further south appeals to me. If I have to cross mountains either way, why not head south?

A couple travel notes for those traveling with dogs. I find indispensable for pet friendly hotels, dog parks, restaurants, etc. They have a concierge who is very helpful. I recently learned that many Love’s travel centers have dog parks. We did not need that for Dart but need it for the juvenile collies. I am finding myself planning around the Love’s that has parks. Love’s has an app you can download to see which centers have parks.

2 Comments on “Brigham City to Fruita

  1. This trip is a jaw dropper. All the planning that is needed for those 2 big dogs! I am amazed, too, that you take the time to chronicle this trip in such detail. It is SO interesting to read, but you must be tired at the end of the day and this is one more chore.

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    • Sometimes, I am utterly exhausted. But it is an adventure, and my pups are behaving better than I had expected. I think they are maturing. We are getting in a groove as we move forward. Now that I have better information on dog parks, we are in a better place. We are almost half way home and I am striving to go south for better weather. These poor little pups are still dirty and need a bath but I will not do that until we get to Florida. Tonight, I have begged them to give me a good night’s sleep and we will see whether they are willing to be supportive. As I speak, they are up and about so I am sure I have to get them out one more time before I can get some sleep.


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