Meanwhile back in Florida

I have been puttering around the house doing odd jobs. Little things that just needed attention. Two big projects are getting the existing flooring removed and new flooring installed. ALL of it. Linda picked out a nice wide plank vinyl and found an installer to do the work. My job was to meet the contractor and get us to all agree to what’s needed to be done.


The existing flooring was a mix of carpet and ceramic tile. It all had to go and was going to be a dusty mess when all was done. The crew got started on a monday and everything was gone by the end of Tuesday. The installers moved in next. There was some concrete grinding to be done and some filling and leveling. By the end of Friday the flooring was in place.

The second project was to order a new washer and dryer. Linda again pick out a model and after I looked at it I got the next model down. We really don’t need a wifi enabled washer do we? Plus Linda’s phone is not working so good so what’s the point of having an app to wash clothes.

I did need to redo the wiring for the dryer. the outlet was not installed very well so I fixed it. Also need to replace the drain and supply for the washer. It was broken and flopping around.

Replacing the washer drain/supply. The large hole was not done by me!

A project popped up and it was bigger than I anticipated. With the flooring install came lots of concrete grinding. But the amount of dust was unbelievable. I vacuumed the house, then swiffered every surface both horizontal and vertical, every shelf in every cabinet, and then I vacuumed again. The forth round thru the house was to damp mop the new floor to pick up any fine dust left by the vacuum.

I am beat!

Boat projects continue. waiting on parts.

4 Comments on “Meanwhile back in Florida

  1. You two are amazing! With all the people in this world you found each other. I truly hope you both enjoy rest and peace once this house is as you want it.


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