Mobile to St. Augustine

Regis and the pups at a local park on the water less than a mile from our house.

Finally, we got to St. Augustine. That was a long trip. It was about 256 miles longer than my preferred route through Wyoming, but escaping the weather was more important.

The hotel last night was not a good place to stay. There were men running up and down the halls swapping rooms. I saw at least one woman dressed like a hooker. By midnight, it was clear I was not going to be able to sleep so I took a shower and prepared to start heading home. I told the desk person why I was leaving and she offered me another room on the first floor close to the front desk. That was the smarter move, so I took the room and got some sleep before heading home in the morning.

We made good time and stopped twice in the morning for the dogs. I planned one more stop for the dogs, gas, lunch, and me. When I was getting ready to leave the second stop, the car would not start. I tried twice and there was no electricity. I was certain the battery was not dead, but there was an electrical problem. I called Regis for advice and as soon as he answered the phone, the car started. While heading to the last stop, I was concerned if I shut the car off, I would not be able to start it. I went to the stop and gassed up with the car running. The dogs and I had to wait until we arrived in St. Augustine to meet our needs. It was a long, lousy ride.

When we got home, the dogs were ecstatic to see Regis and my dear friend Paige had dropped off some food for me and some blow up mattresses. She is amazing. I was starving when I got home and it was awesome to have great food waiting. After we emptied the car, Regis and I took the dogs for a walk to the water. They will have to get used to this heat, but I think they will appreciate all the walking we will get in. When we got back, Regis checked out the car and found the battery cables were loose. Phew! I was concerned something bigger was wrong.

4 Comments on “Mobile to St. Augustine

  1. Thanks be to God that’s over. I’m glad the electrical problem showed up at the END of the trip! What a ride that was!

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