First Day

For our first full day in the new home, the dogs and I took a morning walk through the neighborhood and saw lots of birds and squirrels. The dogs are fascinated with the Muscovy Ducks. They waddle slowly so the dogs get the opportunity to get close. There were a lot of squirrels to present training opportunities of “leave it”. I am certain the dogs thought a walk was better than a car ride.

I brushed them and they look almost good enough to not need a bath. But, they need a bath. After brushing them and picking up the hair, I took a shower and forgot to pick their collars up. I was not gone long, but that is all it took for Clover to destroy one of the collars. Had I been gone a little longer, the other one would have been destroyed. It was laying on the lanai. I think she abandoned her prize when I started walking out of the bedroom.

We took the dogs for another walk this evening and we go a different way each time we walk. The walking is better than I expected with all the trails throughout the community. I love it. Regis was worried I would not like the house, but I love it too and I love that it is located so close to the water, a couple parks, a reserve, and all that St. Augustine has to offer.

Raven’s fur.
Clover’s fur. She may be smaller than Raven, but I got a lot more undercoat out of her.
Destroyed collar thanks to Clover.

Dan sent some pictures from when the dogs were in Seattle and I have a few favorites below.

Raven, king of the hill with his tongue out.
The dogs at Growlerz pub. While the dogs play, their guardians get to drink a brew.
Clover. This must be at the beginning of her visit because the house is too clean.
Raven and Clover.

4 Comments on “First Day

  1. St. Augustine is historical, quaint and beautiful. I’m so glad you like the house! It sounds like a great location. I love the pictures…” worth 1000 words”. The last one is the perfect way to end this saga. Looking forward to further posts of life in St. Augustine.

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  2. We were following your journey with some concern and now can relax knowing that you are safely at home with Regis and the Krakens.

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    • I’m glad to be back. It’s tough to travel alone, especially with two dogs. But, they made me feel safer.


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