Clover was in the ER

Clover and Raven at one year. They have perpetually dirty paws.

I took the dogs to a local dog park Wednesday morning. It is large and a place for the dogs to run, which they love to do. There is a skateboard park next to the dog park and some skateboarders showed up. Raven was so terrified that he bolted to the farthest part of the dog park and tried desperately to climb the fence. If I had not gotten to him, I think he would have succeeded. It was difficult getting him back to the car since we had to pass the skateboarders. I have some desensitizing work to do.

Not long after we got back to the house, a good friend visited. During her visit, Clover vomited and then started to urinate uncontrollably. She had difficulty walking and her eyes looked strange. I called the local emergency vet and they could not fit her in. They gave me the number of another local vet and no one answered the phone. The other number she gave me was for a vet that did not open for several hours. I called my old vet from when we lived in St. Augustine prior and they did not have a doctor on call until the afternoon. Based on my description, they recommended I get Clover to an emergency room right away and told me of two locations in Jacksonville. The first one I called said they would be ready for her when we got there. Regis drove us. Based on Clover’s symptoms and the results of a blood test ruling out some options, the vet diagnosed her with marijuana toxicity. He said he has been seeing cases about twice a week and has seen dogs die from it. He said that Clover improved since her arrival, so he thought she was going to be okay and it could take a few days to fully recover. She was lethargic the rest of the day. I tried to take her out before bed but only got half-way down the driveway before she laid down and did not want to get back up. I managed to get her back in the house. In the middle of the night, she woke me and I took both dogs out. When she got back to the house she drank so much water I thought she was going to drown. She was clearly feeling better.

A friend who lives less than a mile from me told me that she and her dog paddle boarded last Sunday and then ate lunch in a local park. When she got home, the dog could not walk straight and was having other issues. She took the dog to a local after-hours vet who told her the dog had marijuana toxicity.

While in Washington State, my vet warned me about not letting the dogs get any marijuana. He said that people will hide it in the woods in parks and the dogs could find it an ingest it. We never had a problem in Washington. I am in Florida a week and a half and my dog is high and so was a friend’s dog.

I am certain based on the timing of Clover showing symptoms that she found something in the dog park or parking lot. She is my cigarette butt girl. She loves her cigarette butts and chows them down as quickly as possible so it is gone before I can get the words “drop it” out of my mouth. It is not surprising she would find something and eat it, but it is disturbing that it was so easy for her to get into trouble without me seeing how it happened.

Not long after we arrived in our new home, I bathed both dogs. They were surprisingly clean in spite of all the dirt they got into on the way to Florida. I bathed Raven first and put his collar on the floor. By the time I was finished bathing him, Regis walked into the bathroom holding Raven’s chewed threw collar. Clover found it on the floor and chewed through it before I finished bathing Raven. I suggest buying stock in martingale collars based on the way things are going in our house.

Raven’s unusable collar after Clover chewed through it.

One day, while working on things in the house, our neighbor knocked on the door. She had Raven with her. We thought he was inside with us. After investigation, we found that he had jumped through the screen door on the lanai and went on a neighborhood exploration. Regis bought something to stop him from getting through the door and then placed the panels of the dog’s pens against the lanai screens. It would only be a matter of time before one or both dogs plowed through the screen.

I cannot buy a house without painting the inside whether it is new or old. I have been painting this house and love the new color. But, I have two furry collies. They both have paint on them. I do my best to vacuum the hair and keep them away from the wet stuff but it is impossible without a fenced yard. We will get through this. I am almost done painting.

We are celebrating the dogs birthday Thursday, March 9. They are one year old. I am giving them some cooked chicken. Clover has a sensitive stomach and vomits certain treats. Given that Dart also had a sensitive stomach and would usually vomit any dog treats I gave him for his birthday, I thought it best to stick with something simple they will love.

7 Comments on “Clover was in the ER

  1. Welcome back Linda. I was on a cruise when you got back so late responding. Glad you made it safe and sound. What an adventure with Clover and Raven. Maureen told me last night about what happened to Clover. Glad she is okay. I love your adventures with the dogs. You definitely need to write a book titled “The Adventures of the Krakens”. Actually they could make a movie of all of their escapades. Could be a best seller for sure.

    Look forward to seeing you once you get settled in.

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  2. You have your hands full with those two misgevious pups! The first year is behind them and they will eventually settle down. The marijuana incident was horrific! I never knew of such a threat to dogs.
    My sweet cat, Smudge, was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. Her lungs filled with fluid and test results came back with the dreaded results. She is scheduled to be euthanized tomorrow. I will spend today with her and give her all my attention. I am spoon feeding her a diluted soft food which she is able to ingest. Right now she is sleeping. But I won’t wait until things get worse. The joy of life is over for her. She is only 10…not old. She has been a sweet and loving companion. I couldn’t have asked for a better cat.


    • Brenda, I am so sorry to hear about your cat. That is heartbreaking. I wish you the very best in your last day together. It brings me to tears to hear this.


      • I’m not very good with tech. Didn’t understand how to reply. My beloved cat, Smudge, was euthanized Friday. I stayed with her to the end. Excruciating. She was losing ground fast. I couldn’t let her suffer. I wonder how/why she got lung cancer. I kept her indoors. She wouldnt go out even if the door was left open. Something in the house? ( no smoking or fragrances) I’ve had her since she was a kitten.
        I am taking a 10 year old cat that belonged to an elderly woman who died recently. I will soon be 79 and don’t want to leave a pet behind. This cat needs a home. I have lost dogs, cats and horses over the years; all were close friends with whom I enjoyed happy times. Each one was unique and could not be replaced by another. Each has its own place in my memory and my heart. Thank you for your concern.♥️


  3. Perhaps you can find someone who will take the cat if you live longer than the cat and you can enjoy it in the meantime. My mother is 87 and is still doing well, so you never know.


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