The Krakens and a German Shepherd Puppy

Clover, Skye, and Raven.

My brother and mom came to visit today with my brother’s six-month old German Shepherd puppy, Skye. The puppy lives in a rural area and has not had much dog interaction outside of dog training. My brother was not sure how things would work out, but they worked out well. The collies and the puppy played continuously all afternoon. They ran through the house and lanai and we let them out in the yard to run free and they took advantage of the additional space. By the time we took video, they were starting to wear out a little.

Afterwards, the krakens became comatose and stayed that way all afternoon. Apparently, Skye, the German Shepherd puppy crashed when she got back to the house where they are staying. My friend Kim in Washington says “a tired dog is a good dog”. Yes!

Raven and Clover totally crashed after playing.

Yesterday, I asked my nearby friend if she would bring her dog, Hopper, to the powerlines where we would release the krakens. The dogs played well and the krakens slept through the night afterward. I will be calling my friend again.

Hopper taking a break during the playing. Hopper needed a brushing after this little play date.

2 Comments on “The Krakens and a German Shepherd Puppy

  1. Pictures are great…”worth a thousand words”…or more! Love the one of the 2 dogs out for the count on the kitchen floor. Your walls are the same color as mine. I think it was called seagrass. Very easy to live with.


    • It is Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray. It leans toward green. I think seagrass would be a good name for it. I find it comforting. I just finished painting all but the master bath and like it very much.


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