Month: April 2023

Released Baby Birds

Most of the baby birds that I have received recently have been released successfully. The first day that I released them, most of them came to me for crickets. One time, all five baby bluebirds lined up on a limb on the magnolia tree… Continue Reading “Released Baby Birds”

Baby Carolina Wrens

As a volunteer for the Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, I am preparing birds for release. I received 11 Carolina wrens, one chickadee, and one tufted titmouse in addition to the 10 birds I already had. The new birds and several of mine are… Continue Reading “Baby Carolina Wrens”

Birds and Dogs

The collies have been doing well with the baby birds. Raven either listens well or does not care and walks right by them on the way out the door to the backyard. The birds are on the lanai and the dogs must go by… Continue Reading “Birds and Dogs”

Baby Birds

I am volunteering with the Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation and took in 11 birds yesterday to prepare for release. The head of the Ark, Karen, takes in the little ones and cares for them until they need more room to try out their… Continue Reading “Baby Birds”

Two Days on the Intracoastal Waterway

It has been a while since we posted. I moved from a Windows machine to a Mac and could not process photos until I resolved some issues. I believe all blog posts need a picture or video and we could only post what came… Continue Reading “Two Days on the Intracoastal Waterway”