Baby Carolina Wrens

Baby Carolina wrens.

As a volunteer for the Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, I am preparing birds for release. I received 11 Carolina wrens, one chickadee, and one tufted titmouse in addition to the 10 birds I already had. The new birds and several of mine are ready to go. I plan to release them in the morning.

Carolina wren on the side of our house. We have coquina instead of stucco. It is easy for the birds to cling to it – and squirrels.

Karen, who runs the Ark, told me that she gets so many wrens because they nest in RV’s. Folks head to Florida in their RV without realizing they have a nest of baby birds going along for the ride. They find out when they get here and turn the nest over to the Ark. Regis and I have seen how quickly wrens can build a nest in an RV.

Carolina wren.

All the birds are loose on the lanai today, so it’s a little dangerous to walk out there. I have only been pooped on once, which is surprising. I saw one of the bluebirds attacking one of the wrens today. I thought bluebirds were sweet. I had to round up the bluebirds and put them in a cage until morning so no bird gets beat up over night.

Carolina wren.

Baby bluebird.

2 Comments on “Baby Carolina Wrens

  1. This is so interesting. I never knew baby birds could be aggressive to others. I know Carolina Wrens can be creative with nest building, using flower pots, baskets, tea kettles…but RVs????


    • We had a pair of wrens build a nest under one of our pull-outs in our RV while camping in a state park for 2 nights. We left before they laid eggs, so they with stuck with having to build a new nest. They can build a nest in a day or less. I also did not know the baby birds could be so aggressive with each other. It’s a jungle out there.


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