Month: May 2023

Released Baby Birds and Yoga Dogs

I am raising fledgling birds until they are ready for release in the wild. I do this as a volunteer for the Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation. I set up a feeding station in the backyard that is well stocked with a variety of… Continue Reading “Released Baby Birds and Yoga Dogs”

Boat update

Since closing on the house in Florida my focus has been getting the house ready for Linda to move in and performing additional fixes and modifications after she arrived in March. I have been splitting my time between house work and boat work. February… Continue Reading “Boat update”

Raven Licking Clover’s Ear

Raven regularly cleans Clover’s ears and she loves it. Following is a video of Raven licking her ear while she chews on something with her eyes closed. I got several more birds the other day. Three of them have already been released. Following is… Continue Reading “Raven Licking Clover’s Ear”