Boat update

Since closing on the house in Florida my focus has been getting the house ready for Linda to move in and performing additional fixes and modifications after she arrived in March. I have been splitting my time between house work and boat work. February through mid-March it was mostly house projects. Then we got knocked down with covid that slowed us down for about 3-4 weeks. Since then, my contribution with the house projects have slowed and the boat project increased. Linda has been working with contractors doing some of the work outside our area of expertise or desire to perform.

Dinghy mounted sideways on swim platform. It can be rotated back onto the water for use.

My last post (See here) I had mentioned waiting for more parts. This project spanned over 2.5 months mostly waiting for calm weather. It was installing a mount on the swim platform for the dinghy so all the work had to be done over water. I only lost one tool to the murky depths. The dinghy I bought was too long to be stored on deck so it needed a home “overboard”. With the dinghy now residing on the swim platform my mount for the swim ladder was now blocked. I moved the mount to the other side of the boat and all is well.

A lot of the current boat projects are making permanent installs of temporary work. Back in Pensacola I had “fixed” things to make them work. I am now going through those fixes and making them permanent and pretty.

Permanent mounting of an outlet powered by an inverter with remote invert power switch above.
Routing and hiding wires for invert powered outlet.

One major upgrade was the adding the ability to raise and lower the anchor from the helm station. Before this upgrade I would have to run out to the bow and lower the anchor, then run back to the helm and adjust the position of the boat, then run back to the bow a lower the anchor more. Etc. Now I can do it all from the helm station with just one switch.

New remote microphone for radio. One less thing to carry up to the fly bridge.

Another upgrade was installing water filters. This was a slight chore as a mounting panel needed to be fabricated. Additionally the space to install the plumbing was small and hard to work in.

Water filters (salvaged from one of our RVs.

Linda and I did take several days to go out and enjoy the boat as we traveled up and down the intracoastal waterway. Good times.

Dings from lowering the anchor too fast being repaired.

A couple more house projects and it will be time for another boat trip!

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