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Planning the Winter Route

I took the dogs to the groomer to get cleaned up in preparation for attending a birthday celebration for Jason, our son. They came home frisky. Their coats are beautiful. Their black hair shines. Following is a minute video of them playing after they… Continue Reading “Planning the Winter Route”

Coyotes Maybe?

The krakens got riled up about some animal sounds in the woods behind our house. They can be heard in the video below. Are these coyotes? If not, what are they?


I have been training the dogs to do canine nosework. The dogs are required to find a specific scent. They are beginners, so there is lots to learn. They are enthusiastic about this sport. I train them separately and sometimes together. I probably should… Continue Reading “Nosework”

Abnoxious Dogs

My first dog as an adult was a wonderful Bedlington Terrier named Tess. She was actually our sons dog. We trained her well and showed her in AKC shows and she acquired her championship title. At that point, we bred her and kept one… Continue Reading “Abnoxious Dogs”

Kraken Friends

I am looking forward to seeing the krakens on Tuesday. I hope they remember me. I am afraid they will have had so much fun dining out and spending evenings watching movies in front of the fireplace that they will miss Seattle. But I… Continue Reading “Kraken Friends”

Krakens (Collies) Observations

By Jason Burek On the differences between dogs: whenever we let Coco out at the end of the night, she had a typical pattern. She would make her way around the yard, smelling things and checking to make sure everything was in order. Some… Continue Reading “Krakens (Collies) Observations”

Krakens (Collies) First Snow

By Jason Burek Seattle was forecast to receive our first snow fall of the season and since the collies are too young to have seen snow, I was excited to see how they responded. When I woke up in the morning, I pulled the curtains… Continue Reading “Krakens (Collies) First Snow”

St. Petersburg Beach to Sarasota

We woke up before light while anchored near St. Petersburg Beach and got an early start to the day. By the time the first rays of light were on the horizon, we were lifting the anchor. As soon as it was up, Regis took… Continue Reading “St. Petersburg Beach to Sarasota”


In our last post, we arrived in Tarpon Springs. I wanted good food and there were two options for marinas with restaurants. One was full and the other one would let us tie to the end of the dock and still get electricity. We… Continue Reading “Stuck”

Joy. Terror. Boredom.

In our last post, we said we were headed to Carrabelle. As we neared Carrabelle, many dolphins came to the boat, swam at the bow, then left. We felt like we were getting a dolphin escort into Carrabelle. The last dolphin left us off… Continue Reading “Joy. Terror. Boredom.”