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My Dog Has a Sock Fetish

My two wonderful collie puppies turned six months today. They are going to professional training and I work with them regularly. They are pretty good most of the time. They have never been in the trash, eaten my shoes, chewed through power cords, etc.… Continue Reading “My Dog Has a Sock Fetish”

Coco and Clover

The collies are getting bigger. Having two puppies at the same time to train has been challenging, but I am working through it and the collies are delightfully well-mannered in spite of the multiple dog situation. I sometimes take them to a local dog… Continue Reading “Coco and Clover”

Camping with Three Dogs

We took the whole pack to Fort Worden Historic State Park for one night of camping. The park is located on the Admiralty Inlet in Port Townsend, Washington, where the Straits of Juan de Fuca meet Puget Sound. It is a beautiful area and… Continue Reading “Camping with Three Dogs”

Collie Puppies and an Older Sheltie

Our household has been going through changes lately. We moved into our current home in March and got collie puppies a couple months ago. Regis bought his boat and has been dealing with that. In the meantime, we swapped a car for a motorhome… Continue Reading “Collie Puppies and an Older Sheltie”