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Baby Birds

I am volunteering with the Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation and took in 11 birds yesterday to prepare for release. The head of the Ark, Karen, takes in the little ones and cares for them until they need more room to try out their… Continue Reading “Baby Birds”

Two Days on the Intracoastal Waterway

It has been a while since we posted. I moved from a Windows machine to a Mac and could not process photos until I resolved some issues. I believe all blog posts need a picture or video and we could only post what came… Continue Reading “Two Days on the Intracoastal Waterway”

Dirty Dogs

It has been wet in Bremerton, Washington for a while now. The dogs have made a muddy mess of their fenced area in the back yard. I started taking them to the Bremerton Dog Park in the mornings because that is the time when… Continue Reading “Dirty Dogs”

Boat update…

Its been several weeks since a boat post so here we go. I have been both busy and at times bored out of my mind. I continue to do boat work which consists of many small jobs. One of the things I did during… Continue Reading “Boat update…”

St. Augustine – End of Passage

We left Daytona Beach at sunrise and saw thousands of gulls perched on docks, bridges, sandbars, etc. The last time I saw that many gulls was also in Daytona Beach. See post here. The sun shone beautifully off the bridges as we headed north.… Continue Reading “St. Augustine – End of Passage”

Wabasso to Cape Canaveral

We left this morning at first light, even before the sun came up over the horizon. The water was calm (Beaufort Scale Level 0) most of the way to our anchorage near Cape Canaveral. We broke our record on how far we traveled in… Continue Reading “Wabasso to Cape Canaveral”

Stuart to Wabasso

We left Stuart after spending close to an hour at the fuel dock. We had to wait for a bigger boat ahead of us and then the credit card reader did not work which we had to wait to be fixed so we could… Continue Reading “Stuart to Wabasso”

Port Mayaca to Stuart

We anchored near Port Mayaca. I love anchoring when we are near wildlife. The trip down the water way was boring from Port Mayaca to the last lock. That lock was a 14-foot drop, which was interesting, but going down is always less interesting… Continue Reading “Port Mayaca to Stuart”

Moore Haven to Port Mayaca

We successfully crossed Lake Okeechobee Saturday. Fortunately, the winds were decent, and the crossing was comfortable. We started to see more wildlife as we approached the lake. My favorite part was watching this snowy egret perched on the Julian Keen Lock where the water… Continue Reading “Moore Haven to Port Mayaca”

Gasparilla Sound to Fort Myers

Gasparilla Sound leads into Charlotte Bay which is a large inland Bay. Large enough to whip up nice size waves with a constant wind. Crossing Charlotte Bay was miserable. In order to make it possible to tolerate the crossing Regis had to tack (if… Continue Reading “Gasparilla Sound to Fort Myers”