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R.I.P. Dart

LND’s Dashing D’Artagnan aka Dart passed away this afternoon. He was 12 years old. I gave him liver for dinner last night and special treats today, but by this afternoon it was clear he was in pain and I could not keep him any… Continue Reading “R.I.P. Dart”

Big Dog Toys

The collies are six months old. A few days ago, I saw Clover chewing a piece of fabric. Upon further inspection, I saw that Raven and Clover had started to dismember their favorite octopus. This was a large toy with long legs allowing the… Continue Reading “Big Dog Toys”

Dart/Wildlife Rescues

DART Dart is a Shetland sheepdog and performed in agility trials until we left Maryland when he was five. Florida does not offer many trials and I could only find one place to train. We stopped doing agility but Dart continued expertly catching his… Continue Reading “Dart/Wildlife Rescues”

Living With Dart Part 2

Things Dart Hates: .  Vultures.  The vultures used to sit on top of the barn and spread their wings at our last house.  Dart barked and barked at them and they ignored him.  He saw some vultures again the other day.  He harbors the… Continue Reading “Living With Dart Part 2”

Beach Homes After Matthew

We walked along South Ponte Vedra Beach yesterday and took the following pictures of some of the damage to the homes.  My friend lives in one these homes and was one of the lucky ones.  Their deck was damaged and much of their property… Continue Reading “Beach Homes After Matthew”

Living With Dart Part 1

After we got back from the Keys, we headed to Maryland to visit family and friends.  Our timing couldn’t have been better.  Hurricane Matthew came up the east coast while we were in Maryland and battered St. Augustine, Florida, where we now live.  We… Continue Reading “Living With Dart Part 1”