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Cooking in the RV with Smart Cookware

August 9, 2018 Yesterday we took Coco back to Jason.  She is a very sweet little dog.  We had a nice dinner with Jason and Dan last evening and got to see their pictures from their recent trip to Iceland, Sweden, and Norway.  Beautiful! … Continue Reading “Cooking in the RV with Smart Cookware”

Bee Sting and Wicked Wind

August 1, 2018 Yesterday, we had to take Dart to the vet.  The nearest vet is 34 miles away.  Dart’s been having digestive issues and yesterday was going on day 3.  We’ve been down this path many times, so I knew he needed some… Continue Reading “Bee Sting and Wicked Wind”


July 28, 2018 Yesterday, we went to Lake Chelan to explore which is about 30 miles from where we are staying.  The sky was smoky the whole way and by the time we got back, it was also smoky back at the campground.  A… Continue Reading “Cashmere”


July 26, 2018 On our final day on Bainbridge Island, I went to Seattle to have my stitches removed.  The wound looks better than I expected, so I don’t look like Frankenstein.  It will take six months to completely heal, but it’s off to… Continue Reading “Octopus”

Back to Bainbridge Island

July 22, 2018 When we left Omak, Washington, the temperature was expected to exceed 100 degrees.  While we were there, we got great views of Mars and the moon. Because I was scheduled to have surgery in Seattle to remove some skin cancer, we… Continue Reading “Back to Bainbridge Island”

Vashon Island

July 5 We joined Jason, Dan, and Coco on Vashon Island for July 4th.  We left the motor home in Burlington and stayed in a lodge on the Island.  We planned to do some “beach” things like sit in the sun, kayak, and paddle… Continue Reading “Vashon Island”

Under the Salish Sea

June 19 The weather warmed up quite a bit yesterday.  I woke up yesterday morning at 4:30 to watch the sunrise.  Dart joined me.  The water was calm and the sky was clear.  I saw a sea lion swim by and a few seals.… Continue Reading “Under the Salish Sea”

The Pacific Northwest

We have been bopping around the Seattle area and the Olympic Peninsula for the last few days.  It has been lovely.  The weather is in the 60’s.  It sprinkles now and then, but doesn’t last long.  I wouldn’t mind if it was a little… Continue Reading “The Pacific Northwest”