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Mt. Walker and Pups with a Toy

The other day, I took a vacation from the dogs and went to Mt. Walker which is only 49 miles away. I wanted to get some views of Seattle, but I knew there was smoke and was prepared for the outcome. It was hazy… Continue Reading “Mt. Walker and Pups with a Toy”


Every day, I take the collies together or individually for walks or training. Dart stays home. I often let him accompany me outside our fencing when I have chores to do. He is happy to lay nearby and he will not run off. He… Continue Reading “Yellowlegs”

Third Eyelid Problems

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my collie, Clover, had her third eyelid (nictitating membrane) showing on both eyes on a few occasions and I took her to the vet and he could not figure out the problem. She is a healthy puppy. The… Continue Reading “Third Eyelid Problems”

Coco and Clover

The collies are getting bigger. Having two puppies at the same time to train has been challenging, but I am working through it and the collies are delightfully well-mannered in spite of the multiple dog situation. I sometimes take them to a local dog… Continue Reading “Coco and Clover”

Collie Puppies and an Older Sheltie

Our household has been going through changes lately. We moved into our current home in March and got collie puppies a couple months ago. Regis bought his boat and has been dealing with that. In the meantime, we swapped a car for a motorhome… Continue Reading “Collie Puppies and an Older Sheltie”


Part of the plan in moving to Washington was to use some of the proceeds from the house in Florida to purchase a boat. Regis has been wanting to spend some time on a boat for over a decade and has put those plans… Continue Reading “Boat”