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Post Fire

August 2, 2018 We found out that there were 3 fires in the area within the last two months that have burned an extensive part of this area.  (Here is a link that shows pictures of one of the fires.  Click here.) One fire… Continue Reading “Post Fire”

Bee Sting and Wicked Wind

August 1, 2018 Yesterday, we had to take Dart to the vet.  The nearest vet is 34 miles away.  Dart’s been having digestive issues and yesterday was going on day 3.  We’ve been down this path many times, so I knew he needed some… Continue Reading “Bee Sting and Wicked Wind”

Columbia River and Mount Hood

Dart was on the north side of the Columbia River and that is Mount Hood in the background.  If you drive on the south side of the river which is in Oregon, you drive on an interstate.  There are a few places to stop,… Continue Reading “Columbia River and Mount Hood”