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I put some more mealworms out today. Daddy bluebird showed up and started eating them. He did not take any to the nestlings in the nest box. While hoping to video the bluebirds at the mealworm feeder, I got a mockingbird instead. When replaying… Continue Reading “moCKINGBIRD WITH A TWIST”

What’s up with daddy bluebird?

It’s been troubling to watch that mama bluebird is the only one feeding her three chicks in our backyard nest box. Daddy bluebird checks out the box occasionally, but is not contributing to the care and feeding of the little ones. I don’t know… Continue Reading “What’s up with daddy bluebird?”

Bluebird Update

Today I was sitting at my computer and watching our bluebird box out of the corner of my eye. I noticed mama bluebird with some insects. That would suggest that hatching has begun. Regis went out with a camera to look in the nest… Continue Reading “Bluebird Update”

Five Bluebird Eggs

We have some bluebirds actively nesting in our yard and Regis was able to determine they have laid 5 eggs in the next box we have out. We have two nest boxes in the backyard. We did not expect bluebirds to nest in both… Continue Reading “Five Bluebird Eggs”