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A Few Stay at Home Pictures

Bluebird Fledges

Last evening, I placed some mealworms out for the bluebirds and the female bluebird made many trips from the feeder to the nest box to feed those screaming babies. One time, I saw the male bluebird get one mealworm and give it to the… Continue Reading “Bluebird Fledges”

mealworm feeder

I got some video of the birds coming to the mealworm feeder. There is a northern mockingbird, Carolina wren, male eastern bluebird, and female eastern bluebird. Enjoy!

Five Bluebird Eggs

We have some bluebirds actively nesting in our yard and Regis was able to determine they have laid 5 eggs in the next box we have out. We have two nest boxes in the backyard. We did not expect bluebirds to nest in both… Continue Reading “Five Bluebird Eggs”