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Owl and Hawk

Regis recently won a yellow ribbon in the 2021 3rd Triannual digital competition with the Florida Camera Council for the above photograph of a great-horned owl. Yesterday, he went to the beach to get pelican photos. Here’s the thing. You often do not get… Continue Reading “Owl and Hawk”

Food Poisoning

It’s been a rough week. Last Wednesday I became ill and had a fever of 101 by Thursday. I wear a mask in enclosed spaces but was, of course, worried I got COVID. I got tested Thursday and it came back negative. Whew for… Continue Reading “Food Poisoning”

Ellensburg, Washington

We arrived in Ellensburg, Washington after leaving Missoula, Montana.  We don’t have a particularly long drive tomorrow to reach our destination on the Olympic Peninsula.  I’m sure Dart will be happy that the long driving days are done for several weeks.  Even so, I… Continue Reading “Ellensburg, Washington”

Great-horned Owls

A couple weeks ago, we began to hear a great-horned owl hoot for hours in the early morning between midnight and sunrise. This owl hooted non-stop for hours. About a week after all that hooting, we noticed that there were now two owls hooting… Continue Reading “Great-horned Owls”