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Rescues Update

I’m just getting started in this process of trying to help rescued birds and it is a learning experience. The little killdeer I was worried about seems to be doing much better. It gained 2 grams since yesterday while Squeak gained 4 grams. The… Continue Reading “Rescues Update”


We recently installed a garden in our backyard with mostly native plants. Over the last week, I’ve been trying to capture some photos of the pollinators visiting the flowers. I recently volunteered at the GTM Reserve for butterfly monitoring, so I am particularly intrigued… Continue Reading “Pollinators”

Post trip

It’s been about a week now since we got home. We have spent a good part of that time putting large piles of “stuff” away in their proper place. I guess it’s a good time to start some trip summary blogs, looking back, maybe… Continue Reading “Post trip”

In Florida, but not Home Yet

After Amarillo, Texas we stayed in the KOA in Abilene, Texas. It was nice. We moved on to the KOA in Canton, Texas and picked up lots of grasshoppers along the way. They were all over the grill of the motorhome and even in… Continue Reading “In Florida, but not Home Yet”

Colorado National Monument

We left Wyoming and we are now camped along the Colorado River in Colorado. There are a couple bald eagles hanging out nearby and I saw a deer when I walked Dart as soon as we set up camp. We have a view of… Continue Reading “Colorado National Monument”

Otters to Sheep

We left Port Townsend this morning and were sad to leave the Olympic Peninsula. We love the area and it is close to Jason for visiting. This morning, while still camped at Point Hudson, I noticed some river otters in the water. I grabbed… Continue Reading “Otters to Sheep”


We have had a lovely time once we arrived in Washington state.  We visited our son, his partner, and his dog a couple times.  We went to Seattle on the ferry with the car.  We would have preferred to walk on the ferry and… Continue Reading “Wine”

Car Wash and Joy

  Our poor Jeep and motorhome have over 3,000 miles of dirt on them.  The motorhome is hard to clean because most campgrounds won’t let you wash in the campground, so we have to find a truck wash.  We are not currently in a… Continue Reading “Car Wash and Joy”


After we left the Badlands National Park area, we arrived in Hardin, Montana to spend the night.  We were not expecting trees in the campground and were pleasantly surprised to find them.  It was a lovely campground with wonderful hosts/staff and I spent a… Continue Reading “Montana”

Baby Bighorn Sheep – Take 2

We had a great time watching the baby bighorn sheep in the morning and posted some pictures and video of the amazing animals.  We returned to the campground and I went into town and did the wash and picked up a few items at… Continue Reading “Baby Bighorn Sheep – Take 2”