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Dawn & Dusk Pine Island anchorage

I have been snapping cell phone pictures of some sun rises and sun sets to share with Linda to help her work thru the Washington state rain and gloom. She said I should be posting more so here I am sharing the pictures.

Gift of the days…

Shortly after we starting RVing we came to understand things don’t always go to plan. Many times we would set off for the days adventure only to get shot down by one thing or another. During those times, more often than not, we would… Continue Reading “Gift of the days…”

Passage Stats

Here are some stats about our trip: About 700-715 statute miles 19 days (two of them not traveling) 7 nights in a marina 1 night at a mooring ball 10 nights anchored 1 night crossing the Gulf 140 hours on the engine 40.9 hours… Continue Reading “Passage Stats”

Dolphins at the Bow

We began our journey from Pensacola to St. Augustine around 8:15 this morning and dolphins joined us at the bow within 45 minutes. I was ecstatic. I told Regis that even though I was here to help him out, I was really here for… Continue Reading “Dolphins at the Bow”

Days of rest.

I have been taking it easy for the last 4-5 days. I have not started anything that might balloon into the a major task. What I have been doing is cleaning up, yet again, and finding homes for things that have been laying around… Continue Reading “Days of rest.”

Cooling System Fix

Wednesday Sept 28: After getting back from my unscheduled trip (see Ian and illness and solo and running away), I spent the rest of the day rinsing off all the salt spray on the outside of the boat and tidying up. Sitting up on… Continue Reading “Cooling System Fix”

Solo and Running Away…

Monday Sept. 26: After a three days of hurried prep work and fighting an infection (see post here) I was under way to leave the marina and find shelter from hurricane Ian. This was not how I imagined my first cruise would be, running… Continue Reading “Solo and Running Away…”

Boat update

Wow! I have made a lot of progress over the last 4-5 days. I have gotten into a routine that seems to work. I get to the boat about 6 am, work till about 9 am, run out and pick up supplies, screws, nuts… Continue Reading “Boat update”

Boat Has a Visitor

Over the Labor Day weekend my youngest brother Mark came down for a visit. I was planning on visiting him before I left the area, but he made the drive, and it was great to see him. However, I had to tidy up to… Continue Reading “Boat Has a Visitor”

Bigger boat?

Since I had to leave the RV park I was staying in Pensacola because it was booked for the weekend, I used that time to go St. Augustine to pick up the remaining items out of my storage unit. While packing the house to… Continue Reading “Bigger boat?”