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Bathing Gulls

It is our last day here and I was hoping for some sun to get some action shots of some birds. It helps to have some light when you need a high shutter speed to capture the action. The day did not provide, so… Continue Reading “Bathing Gulls”

Point Hudson

We have been enjoying walking around the near vicinity at Point Hudson in Port Townsend and enjoying the wildlife. When the sun is out, we sit in our chairs with binoculars and scan for wildlife, etc. Yesterday, Regis spotted a submarine being escorted out… Continue Reading “Point Hudson”

Shades of Gray

Since we arrived on the Olympic Peninsula, the weather has been overcast and rainy.  The predominant color is gray – many shades of gray.  We still love it.  We are hopeful that there will be some clear days and we can see the mountains. … Continue Reading “Shades of Gray”