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Otters to Sheep

We left Port Townsend this morning and were sad to leave the Olympic Peninsula. We love the area and it is close to Jason for visiting. This morning, while still camped at Point Hudson, I noticed some river otters in the water. I grabbed… Continue Reading “Otters to Sheep”

Campground Flowers

The sky was overcast this morning, so I took the opportunity to get some pictures of the flowers in the campground rain garden.

Downtown Dog

June 27 Dart seems to be becoming a city dog.  When Regis has allowed Dart to decide where to go on their walks, Dart heads straight downtown.  I would never have guessed he would choose downtown. Yesterday, when I was taking Dart for our… Continue Reading “Downtown Dog”

Lawn Ornaments – Deer

June 25 When Dart and I go on our morning walks through Port Townsend, we see LOTS of deer.  They look like lawn ornaments.  They are pretty tame.  They let us get close, but not too close.  Dart doesn’t seem to notice them unless… Continue Reading “Lawn Ornaments – Deer”

Discovery Trail

June 23 Last evening we saw a rainbow during sunset.  This is the second time in a week we saw one.  Prior to this, I don’t think I’ve seen a rainbow for a couple years.  Very cool. We went to the local farmers market… Continue Reading “Discovery Trail”

Purple Martins

Our new campground has 4 nest boxes set up by the water that have attracted more purple martins than the boxes can accommodate.  There is a lot of twittering, communicating, and bickering going on.  Regis saw two females fall out of the sky latched… Continue Reading “Purple Martins”


Apparently, the locals call June Junuary because it is cold.  Summer weather doesn’t arrive until the end of the month.  I’m wearing my Florida winter gear while vacationing in Washington in June. Our son and his friend are in Port Townsend until Sunday and… Continue Reading “Junuary”

And They’re Off

We woke before 4:30 this morning to watch the start of the Race 2 Alaska (R2AK).  The sky starts to lighten around 4:00 here, which is taking some getting used to.  We are camped right on Puget Sound, so I grabbed Dart and my… Continue Reading “And They’re Off”

Whales and Seals

We are staying on the water and enjoy watching the seals swim by and pop their heads up along the shore.  I could stay in this spot for months!  Regis enjoys watching the ship traffic make its way up and down Puget Sound. We… Continue Reading “Whales and Seals”