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Little Crabs

I was hoping to kayak today and for a variety of reasons, it did not work out. I went to the local boat launch anyway and saw that the tide was so far out that I would not have wanted to launch anyway. With… Continue Reading “Little Crabs”


We knew the weather over this weekend was supposed to be mostly rainy, so we made plans to hang out at the RV and give Dart a break from the car.  Regis and I went to the store for some supplies and left Dart… Continue Reading “Rest”

Car Wash and Joy

  Our poor Jeep and motorhome have over 3,000 miles of dirt on them.  The motorhome is hard to clean because most campgrounds won’t let you wash in the campground, so we have to find a truck wash.  We are not currently in a… Continue Reading “Car Wash and Joy”

A Taste of Scandanavia

While in Oregon, we visited the Bonneville dam to see the fish ladder.  What most impressed me were the Pacific Lamprey’s attached to the fish window.  Notice their little teeth. We decided to take the scenic route as we headed north, closer to Seattle.… Continue Reading “A Taste of Scandanavia”