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Willet Altercation

I was recently conducting a whale survey here in northeast Florida. We are most interested in looking for Right Whales. The mothers come to the area to calf and I am on the Monday team to look for them in Sector 1 (from the… Continue Reading “Willet Altercation”

Injured Rat Snake

I was out for a walk today and when I returned to within 1/2 mile of the house, I saw a rat snake curled up in the road. I went over to it to attempt to get it to leave the road surface so… Continue Reading “Injured Rat Snake”

Rat Snake

I need to make a correction to an earlier post. I said we had a Rat Snake/Corn Snake in the house. We had a corn snake in the house. Rat Snakes are different snakes. I am working to learn Florida snakes and need to… Continue Reading “Rat Snake”