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Arrival in Pensacola to Move the Boat

We flew from Seattle to Pensacola today on uneventful flights with Delta. It was as pleasant experience as you can get flying nowadays. Even getting through the Seattle, Atlanta, and Pensacola airports were a breeze. I took some pictures from the plane. We left… Continue Reading “Arrival in Pensacola to Move the Boat”

Collies and Seattle

Regis and I leave for Pensacola on Wednesday. Jason (our son) and Dan will be watching the collies for almost a month while I am gone. They live in Seattle, so the 8 month old pups will move from a quiet environment to a… Continue Reading “Collies and Seattle”

A Mouthful

I went to Lions Park in Bremerton in hopes of getting a picture of a common loon I had seen when I walked the dogs. After walking the dogs, I got my camera and went back to the park and got lucky. The loon… Continue Reading “A Mouthful”

Big Dog Toys

The collies are six months old. A few days ago, I saw Clover chewing a piece of fabric. Upon further inspection, I saw that Raven and Clover had started to dismember their favorite octopus. This was a large toy with long legs allowing the… Continue Reading “Big Dog Toys”

My Dog Has a Sock Fetish

My two wonderful collie puppies turned six months today. They are going to professional training and I work with them regularly. They are pretty good most of the time. They have never been in the trash, eaten my shoes, chewed through power cords, etc.… Continue Reading “My Dog Has a Sock Fetish”

Coco and Clover

The collies are getting bigger. Having two puppies at the same time to train has been challenging, but I am working through it and the collies are delightfully well-mannered in spite of the multiple dog situation. I sometimes take them to a local dog… Continue Reading “Coco and Clover”

Camping with Three Dogs

We took the whole pack to Fort Worden Historic State Park for one night of camping. The park is located on the Admiralty Inlet in Port Townsend, Washington, where the Straits of Juan de Fuca meet Puget Sound. It is a beautiful area and… Continue Reading “Camping with Three Dogs”

Puppies with Ice and Pollinators

My collie puppies love ice. When I get ice from the refrigerator, they come from wherever they are to get some. It has been hot here lately (like almost everywhere), so I threw a bunch of ice cubes in their swimming pool. They loved… Continue Reading “Puppies with Ice and Pollinators”

Sibling Puppies

I have two 13 week old rough collie puppies from the same litter. They look similar, but their personalities are different. Raven, the male, is a laid back, friendly guy. He learns quickly and does not usually push the boundaries. He is a Labrador… Continue Reading “Sibling Puppies”

Flowers and Collie Landscapers

My collie puppies like to trim the plants. I had to move my container plants away from their area and dig up most of the remaining flowers and move them. The sword ferns are difficult to remove, so I left them in place. The… Continue Reading “Flowers and Collie Landscapers”