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A Few Local Pictures

I want to share a couple pictures from some local walks around the neighborhood.

Bluebird Update

Today I was sitting at my computer and watching our bluebird box out of the corner of my eye. I noticed mama bluebird with some insects. That would suggest that hatching has begun. Regis went out with a camera to look in the nest… Continue Reading “Bluebird Update”


Over the last two days, I saw a couple situations where plastic is having a negative impact on wildlife. In the picture above, the duckling in the back has a plastic ring caught around its head. These ducklings are in our neighborhood. I was… Continue Reading “Plastic”

Stitch the Pelican and the Dancing Gull

Stitch is a pelican that required surgery to close up a tear in his pouch. That happened in 2004. Stitch was released into the wild after undergoing rehabilitation at the Ark in St. Augustine, Florida. Stitch chose to come back and spend his remaining… Continue Reading “Stitch the Pelican and the Dancing Gull”