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Mute Swans in Florida

I regularly look at the eBird alerts to see what rare birds are showing up in my area. There had been several postings of the last few days about mute swans. Instead of doing my daily water aerobics today, I went to the spot… Continue Reading “Mute Swans in Florida”

Baby Birds 0520

Mach 1 has been mooching at the neighbors and regularly getting raisins from them. Yesterday, I was chatting with my neighbor over the fence and Mach 1 showed up. Mach 1 landed on my neighbor’s arm while she hand fed it raisins. I make… Continue Reading “Baby Birds 0520”

Baby Birds 0508

I released the oldest mockingbird yesterday. The bird is very shy and wary. That is probably a good thing. After releasing her, we saw her a few times. When I fed the remaining birds on the lanai, they make a tweeting racket and we… Continue Reading “Baby Birds 0508”

Raising Baby Birds

I occasionally volunteer with a local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation (The Ark). I recently learned how to care for baby birds and brought three of them home on Friday to raise until they can be released. I have a chickadee a week away from… Continue Reading “Raising Baby Birds”