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Journey Take 2

Regis, rightfully, made some critical suggestions regarding my last post with a journey video. He suggested adding the places we visited and not looping the same song. In addition, I found some video from the trip in another place. Therefore, I have a new… Continue Reading “Journey Take 2”


Grab your favorite beverage and take a journey from Pensacola, Florida to St. Augustine, Florida.

For Dolphin Lovers

I put together video clips of our many dolphin encounters as we moved the boat from Pensacola, Florida to St. Augustine, Florida. By far, the dolphin encounters were my favorite part of the trip.

Boat update…

Its been several weeks since a boat post so here we go. I have been both busy and at times bored out of my mind. I continue to do boat work which consists of many small jobs. One of the things I did during… Continue Reading “Boat update…”

Camachee Cove

We had to move from the St. Augustine Municipal Marina at 11:00 to the Camachee Cove Marina no sooner than 12:00. It is within 3 miles. We had to get through the Lions Bridge drawbridge and arrived there within 10 minutes of the scheduled… Continue Reading “Camachee Cove”

Passage Stats

Here are some stats about our trip: About 700-715 statute miles 19 days (two of them not traveling) 7 nights in a marina 1 night at a mooring ball 10 nights anchored 1 night crossing the Gulf 140 hours on the engine 40.9 hours… Continue Reading “Passage Stats”

Cape Canaveral to Daytona Beach

We had another day with very little wind and made it to Daytona Beach. As we were leaving Cape Canaveral, we passed by the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. We saw large flocks of dark colored birds. I could not make out what they were,… Continue Reading “Cape Canaveral to Daytona Beach”

Wabasso to Cape Canaveral

We left this morning at first light, even before the sun came up over the horizon. The water was calm (Beaufort Scale Level 0) most of the way to our anchorage near Cape Canaveral. We broke our record on how far we traveled in… Continue Reading “Wabasso to Cape Canaveral”

Stuart to Wabasso

We left Stuart after spending close to an hour at the fuel dock. We had to wait for a bigger boat ahead of us and then the credit card reader did not work which we had to wait to be fixed so we could… Continue Reading “Stuart to Wabasso”

Port Mayaca to Stuart

We anchored near Port Mayaca. I love anchoring when we are near wildlife. The trip down the water way was boring from Port Mayaca to the last lock. That lock was a 14-foot drop, which was interesting, but going down is always less interesting… Continue Reading “Port Mayaca to Stuart”