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Last Count

It was the last bird count of the nesting season at the Alligator Farm. There are still eggs that have not hatched yet and young chicks still in the nest, but many of the babies have moved on or are hanging around the Alligator… Continue Reading “Last Count”

Alligator Farm Bird Counts

I count birds at the Alligator Farm with several other volunteers on a weekly basis during breeding season. It is the high point of my week to spend time with the birds and my fellow bird counters. Every week we count roseate spoonbills and… Continue Reading “Alligator Farm Bird Counts”

Counting Birds

I included a couple pictures I recently took while doing our weekly bird count at the Alligator Farm. The Alligator Farm has been closed to the public for a while because of Covid 19, so the only people in the park are the caretakers.… Continue Reading “Counting Birds”