We published books about our first and second year of cross-country camping.

The first book The Gifts of the Day: Traveling and Camping With Dogs is available in three formats: electronic book ($8.99), black and white paperback copy ($14.96), and a color paperback copy ($27.50).

Book Description:

This book is about the gifts of the day Linda and Regis Burek found while they went on a cross country camping trip with their two dogs.  When they retired from their full-time jobs and sold their business, they got a camper and took off for the summer on a journey from Maryland to Washington State and back.  This book is about that journey.  They explain how they got started and include pro-tips for those embarking on their own journey. 

This book includes an adaptation of blog posts they made during the trip which include observations that they consider to be gifts of the day.  Linda and Regis believe that life brings gifts every day.  Gifts could be watching bear cubs in the wild nursing with their noses covered in milk, seeing a baby bluebird come to your bird bath for the first time after fledging, hearing a heart-warming story from someone you just met at the laundromat, and seeing your first whale.  This book shares their story of that first trip.

Book available at

Route of our Adventure 2015 trip.

Our second book The Gifts of the Day: Where’s Dart? is available in electronic ($8.99) and full color paperback ($28.95). There are over 100 pictures.

Book Description:

Linda and Regis believe that life brings gifts every day. A gift could be seeing swallow-tailed kites as they gather in large numbers before their journey to South America, enjoying a pleasant rain, watching Native Americans dance at a powwow or viewing salmon jumping over waterfalls on their journey upstream. While traveling and camping around the United States, they keep their eyes, ears and minds open looking for those gifts. In this second year of travel, they exchanged their truck and 5th wheel camper for a motorhome and a Jeep Cherokee and went from St. Augustine, Florida to Seattle, Washington and back during the summer of 2016. This book, with over 100 photographs, is about their journey.

Book is available at

Route of our 2016 Adventure. Campgrounds are listed in the book.

Pre trip packing check list.

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