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Catch 22 and Boat Insurance

Re-published after some edits. If my closing drama wasn’t dramatic enough, do I have a tale. When I signed the paperwork for the boat, I revived a boat insurance quote I had started over a month ago. I sent in some final bits of… Continue Reading “Catch 22 and Boat Insurance”


Part of the plan in moving to Washington was to use some of the proceeds from the house in Florida to purchase a boat. Regis has been wanting to spend some time on a boat for over a decade and has put those plans… Continue Reading “Boat”

Alaska Day 3 Morning – Skilak Lake

This amazing trip stays amazing every day. We toured Skilak Lake on a boat. There were very few people there, so it seemed we had the whole lake to ourselves. The water was calm and aqua colored because of the glacial silt coming from… Continue Reading “Alaska Day 3 Morning – Skilak Lake”

Coast Guard Rescue Training

I was at the GTM NERR today doing some volunteer work where we were downloading video from one of the cameras monitoring the intracoastal waterway. The study is about wave activity created by boats. While there, I tried to do my best not to… Continue Reading “Coast Guard Rescue Training”