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Palencia Saltmarsh

Instead of focusing on a specific bird today, I’m sharing my birding excursion on the Palencia Saltmarsh. I arrived before sunrise. Without the clouds and colors, it was not spectacular, but all sunrises are beautiful in their own way. There was fog over the… Continue Reading “Palencia Saltmarsh”

Favorite Clapper Rail

I was at the Palencia Boardwalk again this morning for sunrise pictures. I love being at the marsh at sunrise. The flat landscape makes the sky appear more dramatic and sometimes the colors can be unbelievable. As the sun comes up, the birds start… Continue Reading “Favorite Clapper Rail”

Sunrises that Don’t Work Out

I have been wanting to get some sunrise pictures from the Palencia Boardwalk where the trees do not block the view. Yesterday, I set the alarm and woke up in the dark but it did not seem promising. I went back to bed and… Continue Reading “Sunrises that Don’t Work Out”

Northern Cottonmouth

We went to the Palencia boardwalk over the saltwater marsh today to get some drone pictures during the King Tide (which is an exceptionally high tide) for the Guana-Tolomato-Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve. We needed to take the pictures at the height of the… Continue Reading “Northern Cottonmouth”

Wood Stork

By Linda (November 9, 2018) I love Wood Storks.  They are ancient looking and beautiful in their own way.   This stork was hanging out by the Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation center hoping there would be fish available.  If the Ark has more fish… Continue Reading “Wood Stork”