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Night Owls

We were temporarily caring for some great-horned owlets until they could be taken to Beaks Wildlife Sanctuary. I was hoping to get some video of their activity, but they huddled together and slept all day. We let them spend their days on the lanai… Continue Reading “Night Owls”

Great-horned Owlets

Note: I am a licensed volunteer with the Ark Wildlife Rescue in St. Augustine. It has been several weeks since we last posted. We have spent most of that time tearing up the carpeting in the house and replacing with vinyl flooring that looks… Continue Reading “Great-horned Owlets”


Yesterday, I posted a picture of an owl and called it a barred owl.  I woke up in the middle of the night knowing that it was not a barred owl and what was I thinking.  It was a great-horned owl.  The post has… Continue Reading “Owlet”