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Released Baby Birds and Yoga Dogs

I am raising fledgling birds until they are ready for release in the wild. I do this as a volunteer for the Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation. I set up a feeding station in the backyard that is well stocked with a variety of… Continue Reading “Released Baby Birds and Yoga Dogs”

Birds and Dogs

The collies have been doing well with the baby birds. Raven either listens well or does not care and walks right by them on the way out the door to the backyard. The birds are on the lanai and the dogs must go by… Continue Reading “Birds and Dogs”

The Krakens and a German Shepherd Puppy

My brother and mom came to visit today with my brother’s six-month old German Shepherd puppy, Skye. The puppy lives in a rural area and has not had much dog interaction outside of dog training. My brother was not sure how things would work… Continue Reading “The Krakens and a German Shepherd Puppy”

Mud Turtle

I have been taking the two dogs for a couple walks a day separately. They are difficult to handle together. Separately, they have been easy to walk. It would be nice if they could walk well together. I have been getting over 15,000 steps… Continue Reading “Mud Turtle”

First Day

For our first full day in the new home, the dogs and I took a morning walk through the neighborhood and saw lots of birds and squirrels. The dogs are fascinated with the Muscovy Ducks. They waddle slowly so the dogs get the opportunity… Continue Reading “First Day”

Mobile to St. Augustine

Finally, we got to St. Augustine. That was a long trip. It was about 256 miles longer than my preferred route through Wyoming, but escaping the weather was more important. The hotel last night was not a good place to stay. There were men… Continue Reading “Mobile to St. Augustine”

Longview to Mobile

We drove over 500 miles today. The first couple hundred were a breeze. Things took a turn when the exit to I-10 was closed with no warning. There were no signs indicating it was closed until I put on my turn signal and saw… Continue Reading “Longview to Mobile”

Clarendon to Longview

Still in Texas. What a long day. We started off driving about 85 miles to the first Love’s with a dog park. The temperature was in the 20’s and windy. The dogs did not care and romped, but I froze. I have not been… Continue Reading “Clarendon to Longview”

Albuquerque to Clarendon

It was windy the first time I took the dogs out last night. I took them out again at 2:30 in spite of saying I would not take them out in the middle of the night. It was dead calm and warm. While walking,… Continue Reading “Albuquerque to Clarendon”

Brigham City to Fruita

After we went to bed last night, Clover was up at every sound. This is our first hotel with inside access and she seemed to be more bothered about noises. I shushed her every time and she listened, but twenty minutes later, a new… Continue Reading “Brigham City to Fruita”