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Wyoming Scenic Backway

We have learned that scenic “backways” mean dirt roads. Dirt roads can be anywhere from high quality allowing high speed travel to so bad you can’t drive on it. There is everything in between. Today’s road was in pretty good shape. The road went… Continue Reading “Wyoming Scenic Backway”

Pronghorn Fawn

On our way back from our early morning moose adventure, we stopped at the Red Gulch Dinosaur Track Site to see some dinosaur tracks. To get to the site, you travel down the Red Gulch/Alkali Backcountry Byway which is a dirt road for about… Continue Reading “Pronghorn Fawn”

Wind Cave National Park

We like to come to the Badlands area in South Dakota because of the abundant wildlife. The scenery is beautiful, but the wildlife is what brings us here. We picked Wall, South Dakota as our base camp because of its convenient access to the… Continue Reading “Wind Cave National Park”

Baby Bison

First, to give an update on the Jeep situation.  A part is required which the dealer does not have.  We have to wait until the part arrives, hopefully in a couple days.  We rented a car from the campground.  It was very convenient but… Continue Reading “Baby Bison”

Nevada Fence Art

We are in Nevada in the basin and range country.  It is beautiful.  It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out where Dart is. On the way to the park today, we had the option of going a direct route on a dirt road… Continue Reading “Nevada Fence Art”