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Baby Woodpeckers

The baby Red-bellied Woodpeckers can be seen in the nest cavity. Regis got some video today. If you listen carefully, you can hear at least one of them. We can see two babies in the video. Very cute!! You can see that the parents… Continue Reading “Baby Woodpeckers”


Yesterday and today I spent time trying to get pictures of the bumblebees visiting my purple Salvia. If I thought photographing birds in flight was tough, it’s nothing compared to trying to capture a flying bumblebee. It’s interesting to get a close up look… Continue Reading “Bumblebees”

Red-bellied Woodpeckers Feeding Young

Regis got some more clear video of the Red-bellied Woodpeckers feeding their young. I’m looking forward to when the little ones are big enough to peep out of the hole!

Red-bellied Woodpeckers

While I went to a photography festival today to learn how to take better pictures, Regis took great pictures and video of the Red-bellied Woodpeckers nesting in a tree cavity behind our house. This is the same woodpecker pair that we showed a few… Continue Reading “Red-bellied Woodpeckers”