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The Krakens and a German Shepherd Puppy

My brother and mom came to visit today with my brother’s six-month old German Shepherd puppy, Skye. The puppy lives in a rural area and has not had much dog interaction outside of dog training. My brother was not sure how things would work… Continue Reading “The Krakens and a German Shepherd Puppy”

Clover was in the ER

I took the dogs to a local dog park Wednesday morning. It is large and a place for the dogs to run, which they love to do. There is a skateboard park next to the dog park and some skateboarders showed up. Raven was… Continue Reading “Clover was in the ER”

First Day

For our first full day in the new home, the dogs and I took a morning walk through the neighborhood and saw lots of birds and squirrels. The dogs are fascinated with the Muscovy Ducks. They waddle slowly so the dogs get the opportunity… Continue Reading “First Day”

Longview to Mobile

We drove over 500 miles today. The first couple hundred were a breeze. Things took a turn when the exit to I-10 was closed with no warning. There were no signs indicating it was closed until I put on my turn signal and saw… Continue Reading “Longview to Mobile”

Albuquerque to Clarendon

It was windy the first time I took the dogs out last night. I took them out again at 2:30 in spite of saying I would not take them out in the middle of the night. It was dead calm and warm. While walking,… Continue Reading “Albuquerque to Clarendon”

Brigham City to Fruita

After we went to bed last night, Clover was up at every sound. This is our first hotel with inside access and she seemed to be more bothered about noises. I shushed her every time and she listened, but twenty minutes later, a new… Continue Reading “Brigham City to Fruita”

Leavenworth to Baker City

We left this morning just after dawn to head to Baker City. The dogs did not get much exercise in Leavenworth because of the snow. They wanted to do more snow pile climbing and I knew that I would slip on the ice trying… Continue Reading “Leavenworth to Baker City”

Bremerton to Leavenworth

The movers took all our belongings on Wednesday and I headed to Seattle on the ferry. I got a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier. Mt. Rainier does not always reveal itself. It was cold standing outside on the ferry, so I took this picture… Continue Reading “Bremerton to Leavenworth”

Dirty Dogs

It has been wet in Bremerton, Washington for a while now. The dogs have made a muddy mess of their fenced area in the back yard. I started taking them to the Bremerton Dog Park in the mornings because that is the time when… Continue Reading “Dirty Dogs”

We Own a House in Florida

It’s been a busy two days for me. The day finally got here were I had to go and sign a forest worth of papers. Yesterday (Tuesday the 31st) I went to the title company and spent about 30 minutes signing both my name… Continue Reading “We Own a House in Florida”