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Sibling Puppies

I have two 13 week old rough collie puppies from the same litter. They look similar, but their personalities are different. Raven, the male, is a laid back, friendly guy. He learns quickly and does not usually push the boundaries. He is a Labrador… Continue Reading “Sibling Puppies”

Hummingbird, Camped Out

The hummingbirds have been draining the feeders. I set up another feeder to try to capture a hummingbird in flight with wings stopped. I put out my flashes and tried to remember my settings and failed miserably. Nothing I did got me where I… Continue Reading “Hummingbird, Camped Out”

Flowers and Collie Landscapers

My collie puppies like to trim the plants. I had to move my container plants away from their area and dig up most of the remaining flowers and move them. The sword ferns are difficult to remove, so I left them in place. The… Continue Reading “Flowers and Collie Landscapers”

Retirement is great, but…

It’s been great. No 9-5, no schedules, no responsibilities, do what ever you want, when you want. You can even lose track of the day of the week. This week I decided to go to a boat show about 80 miles away in Anacortes,… Continue Reading “Retirement is great, but…”

Baby Birds

We have been seeing many baby birds over the last couple weeks: robins, juncos, pine siskins. There is owl activity day and night. Until the puppies get bigger, we can not leave them outside unattended. We see deer often and I saw a beautiful… Continue Reading “Baby Birds”

Puppies – Krakens

We got our two collie puppies on Saturday. Raven is the boy and Clover is the girl. (I was going to name her Nala but I think Clover is a better fit and it means something to me.) I think I should have given… Continue Reading “Puppies – Krakens”


There are not many snakes in western Washington, but I managed to find two of them. Dart and I regularly walk in Illahee Preserve and I saw this garter snake sunning yesterday. Today, it was there again along with a buddy. I did not… Continue Reading “Snakes”

Some Pics

We’ve been here for over a month and have grabbed the cameras now and then. This post is to show a few of the things we’ve been seeing in our yard or at the local preserve. Dart and I walk the preserve almost everyday.… Continue Reading “Some Pics”

Skagit Valley Tulips

About a week ago, we took a break from house activities and headed to Skagit Valley to see the spring bulbs. They were mostly tulips. We drove around the sound on the way there and encountered a lot of traffic. We found the display… Continue Reading “Skagit Valley Tulips”

Trucks here!

After two weeks of “camping out” in the new house our wish came true. We got the call to inform us of when the truck, containing all our household goods, was going to arrive! Well, what’s that sayin, “careful what you wish for”. They… Continue Reading “Trucks here!”