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Alaska Trip Wrap Up

When my flight from Anchorage arrived in Seattle at 9:25 am, I headed to my son’s house.  I visited with him and we went to lunch.  When I got back, I couldn’t stay awake and nodded off for most of the afternoon.  I woke up in time… Continue Reading “Alaska Trip Wrap Up”

Alaska Day 9 – Brown Bears and More Brown Bears

On today’s bear viewing trips, we saw up to 24 Brown Bears at one time.  They were either eating sedges or digging for clams.  We saw a sow with two young cubs (the same ones we saw yesterday) and a sow with three young cubs.  One little… Continue Reading “Alaska Day 9 – Brown Bears and More Brown Bears”

Alaska Day 4 – Whales

We drove to Seward and went out on a boat that held 20+ people and there were 8 of us plus the captain and first mate. We went from Seward to the Chiswell Islands in Kenai Fjords National Park. It was about 32.5 miles… Continue Reading “Alaska Day 4 – Whales”

Alaska Day 3 Afternoon – Moose and Eagles

We drove about an hour from the lodge to a beach where Bald Eagles congregate. On the way, we saw a moose in a lake. Pretty cool! It was a nice experience to see many Bald Eagles in one place. The local commercial fishermen… Continue Reading “Alaska Day 3 Afternoon – Moose and Eagles”

Alaska Day 3 Morning – Skilak Lake

This amazing trip stays amazing every day. We toured Skilak Lake on a boat. There were very few people there, so it seemed we had the whole lake to ourselves. The water was calm and aqua colored because of the glacial silt coming from… Continue Reading “Alaska Day 3 Morning – Skilak Lake”